Redy2Drive Electric Walderslade

Redy2Drive Electric Walderslade

Redy2Drive Electric Walderslade, Congratulations to Robbie from Walderslade on his first time practical driving test pass on the 10th November. Robbie is currently at university in Medway so having his full UK driving license will make his commute easier not having to rely on his Nan and public transport. He has a car at home thanks to his dad so just needs to get it insured and he’ll be on the road. Redy2Drive Electric Walderslade. 

Driving School Chatham–  Premier Driving Lessons.

  • Automatic & Electric Driving Lessons Chatham
  • Highly trained driving instructors needed to pass your practical exam.
  • We offer large discounts for block bookings of 10 lessons.
  • Progression through the driving school syllabus.
  • Proven system ensures our driving instructors follow best practice
  • Report Cards detail every step of your driving progress.
  • Get a better understanding of your practical by passing your theory exam as soon as possible.
  • Learn to drive in the latest electric cars


If you’re looking for a Professional Driving School that comes highly recommended with a particularly high first time pass rate we are the school for you. Ready2Drive Driving School serves Chatham in the county of Kent bringing you the highly trained driving instructors you need to pass your practical driving test. Our instructors offer a wide variety of levels of experience, however all bring the very latest techniques & methods to the table. Like many other instructors, we offer large discounts for block bookings of 10 lessons or more & we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with our service.

As mentioned in our opening paragraph we are particularly proud of our first time pass rate which is considerably above the national average. What is our secret? We have a proven system that ensures that our driving instructors follow our best practice guidelines & procedures. Our structured system will feature a complete plan of action broken down for you so you can see where you are up to with regard to your progress within the driving school syllabus & what you need to do to get to the level where you are ready to take your test. Our Instructors will issue you with a report card that will detail each step of your progress. It will demonstrate the areas that you might need more practice whilst also showing the things you are particularly strong with. We do encourage practice with family & friends provided it is used in a way that will assist & improve your driving abilities ready for your next lessons. Ideally you would practice the areas that have been highlighted for you on your report card so to reduce the length of time you need to cover them in your actual lessons.