Driving Instructors Sheerness

Redy2Drive Review Sheerness

Driving Instructors Sheerness

Zero Fault Driving Test Pass

Driving Instructors Sheerness.

Another amazing test pass with 0 minors, with Emily from Sheerness passing on 8th February 2024. Emily reached out to me last June to start her driving lesson journey. She was very anxious but keen to start driving. She had previous experience 13 years ago with manual and felt she didn’t get on with it. After having a baby and other life commitments she decided she wanted to do something for her and her son. To give them more freedom. To be able to explore the world around them without having to rely on anyone or public transport. After just 6 months Emily went and done and got the pass she dreamed of!Well done Emily on a fantastic result. We wish you all the best from your driving instructor John Edy and all at Redy2Drive Driving School.Driving Instructors Sheerness www.redy2drive.co.uk


Why choose Redy2Drive

Are you looking to start driving?

Have you decided that automatic driving is for you?

Have you tried to book an automatic driving instructor?

Here at Redy2Drive Driving School we only offer the future of driving and that is Automatic & Electric driving. Our training cars are the latest up to date Hyundai Kona’s in the full electric option. You will be learning to drive guilt free knowing there are no tailpipe emissions as whoosh along the roads in an effortless glide. Once you pass your driving test you will gain your full automatic UK driving licence. Where you then opt for any fuel type vehicle you want.

If you want to pass in an automatic car then Redy2Drive could be the option for you!