Auto Driving School

auto driving school

Auto Driving School

Auto Driving School, are you ready start driving we can help. Redy2Drive driving school offers automatic driving lessons in Sittingbourne & Sheppey in Kent.

If you choose to learn in a manual car, you have to learn to use the clutch & gears. Whilst still concentrating on everything going on outside the car to keep you and others safe.  In an automatic car there no gears and no clutch. All you have to concentrate on is whats going on outside. This allows you to keep complete focus on the driving whilst the car does the rest for you.

NO Gears, No Fears

Another bonus to automatic driving is that you need fewer lessons. We  find teaching clutch and gears adds an additional 10 plus hours to a driving lesson course.  By choosing automatic you are likely to save your self 10 hours in tuition time and saving 10 hours of money.

Sometimes we hear ” learning in an auto is cheating” or ” “auto isn’t real driving”. Well,  here’s the thing manual is being phased out!  With the arrival of electric vehicles, they don’t need gears, so are classed as automatic. There are already more automatic cars being sold than manual, that will only increase as electric cars become more popular. So the question is why would you want to spend more money, take more lessons and potentially struggle with a clutch & gears. When in just 2 or 3 years you won’t be able to buy a manual car?

Electric / Automatic driving lessons

So why not learn to drive the future NOW! Learn to drive automatic in our full electric / auto car.  Drive the easy & more environmentally friendly way in an electric / automatic car with Redy2Drive Driving school.

Auto driving is the new way forward and manual is dying out. Learn to drive automatic, save yourself time and money on driving lessons and pass your driving test months quicker than you would in a manual.

Auto Driving School

If you are looking to learn to drive in an automatic car, feel free to get in touch, we can offer you automatic driving lessons in our full electric / automatic car in Sittingbourne & Sheppey in Kent. Auto Driving School